People with some IT knowledge may make some serious mistakes when they decide to install optic fibre cables within their data centers without hiring experts. Such mistakes can cause several problems that may cause the network to fail. This article discusses some of the most costly mistakes that you should avoid when you are installing optic fibre cables within the data center of your business.

Contaminating Connector End Points

Optic fibre connectors usually have protruding optic fibres at their ends. Those fibres are very delicate and should never be allowed to accumulate any dirt or contaminant. Manufacturers place a protective cap on those ends in order to prevent contamination. However, inexperienced DIY data cable installers may remove those protective caps long before they are due to plug that cable into the equipment in the data center. This can allow dust to get onto those ends and damage them. Avoid this contamination by leaving the caps on until the very last minute when you are ready to plug the fibre into the equipment inside your data center.

Pulling the Cable Hard

Some people try to exert some pulling force on the fibre cable so that it stretches to reach where they want to use it. Optic fibres are very delicate and may be damaged when they are pulled in this way. That damage may not be visible but it may compromise the quality of the signal that travels through that cable. Avoid this mistake by getting accurate measurements that you rely on to buy appropriate lengths of optic fibre cables.

Mixing Core Sizes

Optic fibre cables transmit data signals by bouncing waves of light along their length and width. Cable core size is therefore vital to the effective transmission of clear signals. When cables of different cores are mixed, the data signals may be distorted to the extent that network quality could be compromised. Pay attention to the colour coding on the cable jackets in order to avoid accidentally buying cables with different sizes.

Pinching the Fibre

Another mistake commonly made by DIY data cable installers is that they pinch the fibre cables in order to make them fit into small conduit pipes that they had installed earlier. This can result in the glass within the cable being damaged to the extent of weakening the transmission capacity of the network. Lay new conduit pipes in case you discover that the additional cable that you wish to install cannot fit into the already crowded pipe.

Data center reliability starts with flawless data cabling. Avoid creating network problems by attempting this important installation when you lack the requisite skills and experience. Hire a professional data cable technician to do this work.