With phone readings now commonplace, it has never been easier to consult with a psychic. But one question most newbies have once they get their reading done is, what next? While excitement and hope are typical emotions felt leading up to a psychic reading, some people tend to have a hard time deciphering the meaning of everything their psychic has told them after their reading is concluded. This confusion is common, so it should not be of concern. To get the most out of your consultation, here are two questions to ask yourself after your phone psychic reading is done.

What resonated with you during the psychic reading?

Depending on the length of your reading and the number of questions you have for your psychic, it can be easy to forget every single detail of the sessions. Therefore, it is imperative to deliberate on the matters that struck a note with you immediately after the reading when it is still fresh in your mind. If you have a successful consultation with your psychic, it is likely that there are some things that resonated deeply with you the moment your psychic touched on them.

Thus, when reflecting on the reading, list all the feelings and thoughts you had during these moments so that you can delve deeper into their meaning once you have had a chance to wrap your head around the psychic reading.

What clarifications did you have during your reading?

For a good number of people, the main point of a psychic reading is to get answers to burning questions. Therefore, if you did receive clear answers to some of the queries you had regarding your life, it is important to jot them down soon after the session so that you do not forget about them later on. A number of people who are new to psychic readings may be intent on receiving some validation too in regards to gut feelings they may have.

For example, you could be deliberating on a job offer but are unsure about whether it is the right move to make. While your psychic may not give you a yes or a no, they will enlighten you on the current alignment in your life, which will, in turn, help you make a decision on whether it is time to take the leap into endeavours that you have been considering. Hence, the reading can help with decisiveness by making your path abundantly clear!

Speak to the psychic who performs your psychic reading if you have more questions.